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Nancy Wyly Ryles December 18, 1937 - September 12, 1990 woman and front of school exterior

"The challenge then, is to do the best we can... wherever we are... in whatever time we have."

Nancy Wyly Ryles was born in Portland, graduated from Jefferson High School and was chosen Queen of Rosaria in 1955. She attended Willamette University and Portland State University and later served on the Beaverton School Board from 1972 - 1978. In 1974, Nancy received the Human Rights Award presented by the Oregon Education Association. In 1979, she received the Beaverton First Citizen Award.

Nancy Ryles also served two terms in the Oregon House of Representatives where she led a successful fight to require all Oregon schools to provide kindergarten education to their students. Nancy was also elected to the Oregon Senate and served two terms. In 1987, she became the first woman to serve on the Oregon Public Utility Commission and in that same year she received the Woman of Accomplishment Award from the Oregon Commission for Women.

Nancy Ryles died in 1990, after a battle with cancer. We are proud to have our school bear her name.